Madhuku's case postponed again

The trial of PYD Director Claris Madhuku at the Chipinge Magistrate court today has been further postponed to 5 December 2011 after Magistrate Crispen Ngweshiwa and state prosecutors refused to preside over the case.

The drama filled session saw the Public Prosecutors Last Goredema and Thembelami Dhliwayo disappearing with the case dockets leading the court to adjourn for close to an hour. The two later reappeared and refused to stand in for the state on the grounds that they were not the ones dealing with the case. On the other hand Magistrate Ngweshiwa refused to preside over the case arguing that Vuso Gapara was the one handling the case.

This led to the postponement of the case to 5 December to allow the court officials to put their house in order.

Madhuku's defense lawyer, Langton Mhungu of Mhungu, Matutu, Kwirira and Associates demanded justice and finalization of the matter. He lambasted the state for its delaying tactics meant to persecute his client denying him his right to freedom. Madhuku was arrested on 14 April 2011 at Rimbi Township on charges of addressing a meeting without notifying the regulating authority. He has been visiting Chipinge Magistrate Court since then.

Today's appearance was his sixth since his arrest in April.

Madhuku had no kind words either; he blasted the tortoise manner in which the Chipinge Magistrate has been dealing with his case. "They are doing this to persecute me for my leadership role in the Chisumbanje community's land dispute with enthanol producer Macdom Investments," said Madhuku. – Platform for Youth Development

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