Malema’s woes traced back to his links with ZANU PF

Julius Malema was found guilty of provoking divisions within the ruling ANC party and of bringing the organization into disrepute on Thursday last week.


The national disciplinary committee suspended him from all office and membership of either the ANC or Youth League for the next five years.

But the close links he had with Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF also caused ‘turbulence’ at Luthuli House, the headquarters of the ANC.

Our sources in Johannesburg told us relations between Malema and high ranking officials of the ANC turned very sour when it was discovered he was allegedly being funded by ZANU PF to undermine President Jacob Zuma’s mediation efforts in Zimbabwe.

The ANC also accused ZANU PF of using Malema to try to topple Zuma, amid allegations the youth leader was being given Marange diamond funds to confuse Pretoria, the ANC and South Africans in general, in their interactions with Zimbabwe.

Malema allegedly made no secret of this when he confided in a few ‘friends’ that he was out to get Zuma with the help of ZANU PF. Unknown to him, the top leadership of the ANC got wind of this and dispatched a high level delegation to Harare to confront ZANU PF.

That five-member delegation in September was led by Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe who accused ZANU PF of sponsoring and influencing Malema. It is believed Mantashe told ZANU PF that the South African government security agencies were aware that Malema was being trained and funded by Zimbabwe’s state intelligence officials and receiving direct advice from senior ZANU PF officials.

Mantashe held separate meetings with then acting President John Nkomo, Vice President Joice Mujuru, Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa and party Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo.

‘It is difficult to say whether Malema was an idiot, a fool, or a lunatic. Otherwise who in his right mind would confide in fellow colleagues that he was in the process of getting rid of Zuma using cash from Zimbabwe,’ one source said.

On Saturday the beleaguered Malema also openly told a meeting of the Youth League that he was going to ask Mugabe for money to fund the League’s programmes.

The daily Sowetan newspaper said league members who attended the National Executive Council meeting on Saturday confirmed that Malema complained that the Youth League’s programmes were not well funded and he accused the office of treasurer-general Pule Mabe of not doing its work.

South African based political analyst Munjodzi Mutandiri told SW Radio Africa that Malema’s close links with certain figures in ZANU PF alarmed and deeply concerned the ANC. Malema had visited Zimbabwe in April this year where he received a heroes welcome from ZANU PF supporters.

‘It has been an open secret that since his visit to Zimbabwe, Malema became very radical to a point where he declared his intention to dethrone Zuma from the ANC leadership.

‘It was obvious to the ANC he had been radicalised in Zimbabwe because that is when he started his rhetoric to nationalise land and mining companies. This also alarmed investors, and the die was cast that his days in the ANC were numbered,’ Mutandiri said.

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