MDC Press Statement on the Chitungwiza disturbances

The MDC was once again forced to cancel its rally at Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza after unruly Zanu PF militia led by the notorious Chipangano attacked the organisers of the rally.

For the record, police had been advised of this rally and they had cleared it yet there was absolutely no protection from the police.

The youths attacked the MDC staff, organising the rally with iron bars, machetes, stones and other crude weapons.

30 MDC supporters who were going to the rally were attacked and injured by this group. Seven activists have been admitted in a hospital in Harare, while about 15 were referred to a Chitungwiza hospital for treatment.

Five MDC vehicles and the party’s public address system were destroyed with part of the PA system looted. Money meant for paying essential services for the event was looted.

The MDC is deeply concerned by these activities, which are clearly designed to close all the democratic space in Zimbabwe and prevent the MDC from carrying out its lawful activities.

We are concerned once more that these attacks were clearly meant to prevent our President and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai from addressing the people of Zimbabwe.

It is clear that Zanu PF and its junta are terribly frightened of free and fair elections and are engaging in these activities as a way to delay the elections.

What has happened over the past two weeks, bring to the fore the need to address all the outstanding issues on the roadmap to a free and fair election, which are:

The total eradication of all state sponsored violence, the return to the rule of law, security sectors realignment and to democratise and open up the media space.

Once again, the MDC remains a non-violent party that will not engage in any form of violence and will continue to castigate any violent whether political or not.

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