MDC witch-hunt

The former MDC organising secretary who switched his loyalty to Zanu (PF), Patson Zvirevo, is allegedly leading a witch hunt to flush out all influential party members in this latest crackdown on MDC activists, it has emerged.

Zvirevo, a former party member who stunned MDC followers in September last year when he defected to Zanu (PF), is now working with local war veterans and Zanu (PF) goons to thwart MDC activities in the area.

According to MDC councillor for ward 2, Zaka North, Edgar Ngaridze, Zvirevo is leading a team of Zanu (PF) thugs, soldiers and war veterans to silence effective MDC members in Zaka.

“Their strategies are archaic and redundant. They are desperately trying to win back the hearts of villagers here, but all their attempts are feeble because people have had enough of the Zanu (PF) tyranny and brutality. Zvirevo is being used as some form of bait or centre of attraction to lure villagers to the former ruling party,” said Ngaridze.

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