MDC woman beats abusive CIO man

A notorious CIO operative, David Mutobaya was recently thoroughly beaten by MDC-T woman ward youth leader, Jenifer Yovita, after he fondled her behind and said MDC women should be subjected to sexual harassment.

MDC-T Jenifer Yovita, in court for beating abusive CIO operative.
MDC-T Jenifer Yovita, in court for beating abusive CIO operative.

The bragging CIO agent went on to report the incident to the police with some additional falsehoods, resulting in the arrest of the activist.

“Yes, the MDC youth activist has been appearing in court for allegedly assaulting a CIO operative, Mutobaya. with a sweeping broom at Cherutombo Shopping Centre. There has been no progress in the court case as the complainant was not showing up to stand as both complainant and state witness,” confirmed a court official.

Yovita denies most of the contents in the police case classified as C/S 89 of the “Assault” Court summons.

“I beat up Mutobaya as he had provoked and violated my womanhood through fondling my behind. He said MDC women should be open to sexual harassment since their behinds and sexual organs belonged to Mbuya Nehanda. (In Zanu (PF) circles it is loosely translated that Mbuya Nehanda was a generous woman war liberation hero and whatever belonged to her was public property). I felt highly provoked and humiliated as a woman and had no choice but to vent my anger on Mutobaya,” Yovita told the magistrates court.

Women vendors at the Shopping Centre who witnessed the incident said they were prepared to testify against Mutobaya before the courts.

After reporting the case to police, Mutobaya went into hiding and has not appeared in court. Two warrants of arrest have since been issued by the courts against him, but police are yet to arrest him.

Yovita is out on $50 bail and will be back in court on November 12.

Residents said the CIO complainant is unpopular in Marondera for the central role he played in the June 2008 Zanu (PF) terror campaign against suspected MDC supporters.

“Maybe Mutobaya feared to appear at the Magistrates Court as he did not want to risk exposure of the central role he played in past political terror campaigns. Mutobaya spends most of his time at Cherutombo Shopping Centre provoking MDC activists whom he would challenge to a fight,” said a resident.

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