Midlands Hotel success story

The owner of Midlands Hotel is confident that the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority will re-instate its star rating, following extensive improvements to the establishment.

The Midlands Hotel in Gweru was stripped of its three-star rating in 2008.
The Midlands Hotel in Gweru was stripped of its three-star rating in 2008.

Hamutendi Kombayi took over control of the hotel from his late father in 2008. During that period, things were extremely bad. The facility had encountered a host of challenges which threatened its survival and the greatest of these was the economic meltdown.

Annual inflation by 2008 was over 500 million percent. Use of the Zimbabwean dollar became scare in the business sector as stakeholders and retailers had lost confidence in it. Food had become scarce and suppliers simply stopped producing.

The time marked a turning point for the Midlands Hotel. Due to the challenges faced by the hotel, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, which oversees the hospitality industry in the country, withdrew its three star recognition. But, since the dollarization of the economy, things have changed.

To date, the hotel stands as an icon in the Midlands province. The building has a total of 75 rooms and notable improvements have been made over the last few years to modernise the fixtures and fittings.

The rooms are now furnished with plasma televisions and high-quality bed linen. The deluxe rooms have fridges and spacious living areas.

As a result of the improvements, The Midlands Hotel this year clinched second position in the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce’s Best Business enterprise of the year.

The ZNCC President, Trust Chikohora, acknowledged the efforts that had been made by the hotel to improve its hospitality services.

He also noted the improvements that the business entity had made in lifting the facility to acceptable standards and making a name in business through innovation.

“The task was big and all the success that we are currently enjoying has been acquired through team work,” said Kombayi.

The hotel has established adjacent bars to cater for the needs of locals and clients from outside the city. For those who enjoy gambling, a state-of-the art Casino has been put together in a separate bar, while those who enjoy sports can watch it live in the sports bar.

The night club on the premises has become one of the most popular night spots in the province and is full to capacity most weekends.

As soon as the renovations are complete, the management plans to contact the ZTA so that it can ascertain the present status of the hotel.

“I will not be shocked if ZTA gives us a five star ranking,” said the manager.

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