MLF youths threaten ‘Shona sell-out’

Former National Constitutional Assembly deputy chair, George Mkhwanazi, became the latest victim of violence at the hands of rogue youths from the secessionist Mthwakazi Liberation Front.

Mkhwanazi was among three high-profile members who recently ditched Zapu to join the MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The youths reportedly manhandled him and threatened to kill him for being a “Shona sell-out” who had betrayed them by joining a party that is “more tribal than Zanu (PF)”.

Mkhwanazi said the youths were led by MLF deputy president, Edgar Gumede, who denied involvement.

The veteran politician, widely respected for bravely weathering the Zanu (PF) storm, which saw him at one time incarcerated and charged with treason in Zimbabwe, said he was having a meal in Yeoville.

“About 10 youth members came to me and they were initially reluctant to harass me, but later joined in when Gumede began to manhandle me,” he said.

“What puzzles me is that Gumede is an old friend and former classmate of mine and it just shocked me that he could stoop so low as to judge and assault me for making my political choice, which is within my rights as an individual.”

Mkhwanazi has not had a rosy relationship with former Zanu PF members of Zapu, who felt threatened by his stature in Zimbabwean politics and for trying to steer an anti-Zanu PF political discourse in the party, he was recently suspended for two years by a group led by Dumiso Dabengwa’s trusted former Zanu PF lieutenants, who are wary of members who came from the MDC and pro-democracy pressure groups.

After the attack, the MLF gloated on its Facebook page that it had taught Mkhwanazi a good lesson and tried to link him to the Central Intelligence Organisation – an allegation made to try and justify the violent act, but which was quickly shot down by commentators on the same page.

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