Musundire: lone voice of reason

Alexio Musundire, MP for Zengeza East and MDCT chairman for Chitungwiza Province, has been hailed for his resolute stance against corruption and nepotism.Following the formation of the inclusive government in 2009, MDC-T MPs and elected councillors who had left the province in fear of an orgy of violence at the hands of Zanu (PF) supporters in the run-up to the 2008 presidential run-off, returned to take up their offices and serve their constituents.

Incumbent Chitungwiza mayor, Alderman Philemon Chipiyo, who was a Zanu (PF) councillor from 1986 to 2007 before switching to MDCT in 2008, suffered the most when his three sons were killed by the Zanu (PF) marauding youths.

He was voted mayor with expectations that he would use his experience to initiate development projects. Contrary to the people’s expectations, most of the elected councillors, including the mayor, engaged in corruption by allocating themselves stands with the blessing of town clerk Godfrey Tanyanyiwa, who is believed to be very close to local government minister, Ignatius Chombo. With recommendations from Zengeza East MP, Musundire, the MDC responded by relieving the councillors of their duties. But Chombo sided with the councillors and insisted they remain, despite the MDC having found them guilty of misconduct pending full investigations.

Musundire challenged Chombo and the councillors to shun corruption and work for the good of the people of Chitungwiza. He was ridiculed by them, but rewarded by the people who voted him MDC Chitungwiza chairman because of his solid stance against corruption.

“Musundire does not tolerate nonsense especially when it comes to corruption. I remember at one time he questioned Mayor Chipiyo on where he got money to build a bottle store at Unit F shops and managed to build many houses for himself and his children,” said Wendy Chiriri, MDC councillor for Ward 23 in Chitungwiza.

“He also questioned how individuals like Fredrick Mabamba came to own housing schemes in Unit G and Unit F here in Chitungwiza on top of owning a school, The Fredrick Mabamba Academy,” she added.

Recently, Musundire and some residents brought an urgent chamber application to the High Court seeking to stop Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa from building a 30 000-seater church in Chitungwiza which he said was acquired corruptly. The church is almost at roof level but Musundire wants it demolished as the land was earmarked for other projects.

“I have reported Makandiwa to the Anti-Corruption Commission. I don’t mind that powerful politicians like Chombo were involved in the illegal allocation of the stands. It would be a disservice to my constituents if I folded my hands and watched such corrupt activities go unchallenged,” Musundire said.

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