Nandos ad an overnight hit

A new television advertisement by South African fast food firm, Nandos, featuring puppets of fallen dictator Mummar Gadaffi and his long time friend President Robert Mugabe has become an overnight internet sensation.

The Nandos ad shows Mugabe and Gadaffi’s characters having a water fight.
The Nandos ad shows Mugabe and Gadaffi’s characters having a water fight.

The Last Dictator Standing, as the new Nando’s advertisement is known, received a remarkable 388 395 hits on Youtube.

The 46-second advertorial stars some of the world's most feared dictators, and highlights how Mugabe has become the only remaining member of the ‘dictators’ club.’

Last Dictator Standing starts by showing the Zimbabwean leader laying a lavish table for a festive supper at his palace. He carefully lays out a place setting for the dead Libyan leader as he slips into memories of his friendship with the tyrant. Later scenes show the smartly-dressed pair larking around and enjoying a playful water fight, during which Gaddafi uses a distinctive golden machine gun.

To the cheerful sounds of the song 'Those Were the Days', Mugabe then remembers moments of fun spent with other hated leaders during their reign. The last scene shows the Zimbabwean despot driving through Africa on the back of a tank with former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin as the pair re-enact Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio's famous romantic pose from the hit movie Titanic.

Internet users commended the innovation shown by Nandos.

Nandos “Last Dictator Standing”

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