New business paper launched

One of three weekly newspapers licensed by the Zimbabwe Media Commission in April, Ke Nako Media trading as Business Week, has been launched.

“The local media sector is dominated by political voices and this has become boring and monotonous. Business Week will offer pure business and economic news,” said Chairperson Peter Gwaza said at the launch.

The paper printed as a broadsheet in South Africa was expected to hit the streets on Friday, selling for $2 per copy.

“There are quite a lot of business developments happening in our society and we have given ourselves the task of exploring and championing coverage of these developments. Our Business publication will be the best weekly read for not only the business community but for various businesses stake holders and government as well,” added Gwaza.

While the print media now has several players, ZBC maintains its monopoly over the airwaves. The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe was sued recently by Community Radio Harare which asked the High Court to order it to issue licenses urgently.

Concerns continue however to be raised by the public over the delays by the Broadcasting authority to announce two commercial radio stations which passed the last month public hearings conducted by the authority to access suitability of the prospective radio stations to broadcast.

Currently the broadcasting sector continues to be monopolised by the state controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation ZBC.

As a result of government’s reluctance to open up the airwaves offshore broadcasters such as VOA's Studio 7, Shortwave Radio Africa based in the United Kingdom and the Voice of the People are forced to broadcast on shortwave and have often been jammed by the government.

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