No more chances for Mugabe: MDC

By failing to curb the new wave of violence, or provide a solution to the country’s economic woes, President Robert Mugabe now has no hope of repairing his battered image, a senior MDC official said last week.

Paul Madzore
Paul Madzore

In an interview with The Zimbabwean, MDC-T Harare Province Chairperson Paul Madzore said that as a young boy he admired Mugabe, but now he has lost respect for him.

“Mugabe had the chance to leave a legacy similar to that left by South African President Nelson Mandela, but he has not been faithful to his people. Many people admired him during and after the war, but when he turned against the people who were feeding him and Zanu during the war, he threw away the respect people gave him,” said Madzore.

Mugabe was the leader of Zanu’s political wing and at independence in 1980 the masses who had borne the brunt of the liberation war voted overwhelmingly for him.

However, the Gukurahundi war that was waged at the behest of Mugabe, and subsequent policy somersaults, saw a shift in opinion about the leader.

The multitudes who supported him during and immediately after the war in 1980 have turned against him and instead support Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

“People are being beaten for no apparent reason, the violence that we are seeing today is a clear sign that Zanu (PF) is not ready for democracy which they claimed to have gone to war to achieve,” said Madzore.

Madzore said that Mugabe blew his chance of redeeming himself in 2008.

“Mugabe should have allowed the MDC to rule, but he was forced not to by the army. He is probably no longer in control,” said Madzore. “Mugabe should tell the army to be professional; he should put an end to violence and then at least redeem his tattered reputation.”

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