No room for burials

The cash-strapped municipality here is running out of burial space, putting a severe strain on resources.

Lack of space in cemeteries is a nationwide problem.
Lack of space in cemeteries is a nationwide problem.

With an estimated population of more than 50 000 people, and an average of one death a day, pressure is mounting in the graveyards.

Under its jurisdiction, the local authority caters for Redcliff low density suburb , Millenium Park medium density suburb, Torwood, Rutendo 1 and 2, Simbi Park and Rutendo infill high density suburbs.

A document in possession of The Zimbabwean cites the local authority's Mayor Councillor, Joseph Matewa, bemoaning the limited space in cemeteries and urging the Town Management to carry out demarcations urgently.

According to a town engineer, a new layout for Torwood cemetery is being rolled out.

"We are engaging Zivagwe Rural District Council to assist with a grader and a tractor, while we will supply trucks and a front end loader to build the new Torwood cemetery," said the engineer.

It is yet to be seen how the local authority will finance the works. Efforts to obtain comment from the Mayor Councillor Joseph Matewa and the Town Clerk, Elizabeth Gwatipedza, were unsuccessful.

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