Poaching syndicate smashed

A suspected poaching syndicate, which is believed to have been behind the poaching of endangered species at a local conservation, has been rounded up.

Peter Makaye (40) Nelson Abraham (34) Charles Muzenda (43) David Murahwa (37) and Godfrey Nyambuya have since appeared before local magistrate Oliver Mudzongachisvo facing charges of contravening a section of the Parks and Wildlife Act.

The accused allegedly killed two rhinos at Sango Ranch during the period July 11-18 this year. They dehorned one animal and the horn was valued at $120 000.

The hit squad were caught in a trap by the Mining Unit Police on July 18 at Semy-Levy Shopping centre in Harare.

The accused agree that they were nabbed by the police while in possession of a rhino horn, but claim that it belonged to a rhino that was found dead at Sango Ranch conservative.

The trial is expected to commence when the state assembles all witnesses and evidence.

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