Police ban Ncube meeting and rural clinic celebrations

A meeting scheduled for the weekend by the MDC-N was banned by police in Masvingo, after the district commanding officer said he was aware of only one political party in Zimbabwe, ZANU PF.

Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

The police also banned celebrations for the electrification of a clinic in Binga district, calling it an MDC affair, despite clear evidence that Binga councilors from all political parties had been invited.

The news comes in a week that started after the police and ZANU PF thugs banned MDC-T rallies in Lupane and Victoria Falls, where Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was due to address supporters. The MDC-T leader is said to be fuming.

The MDC-N meeting planned by Welshman Ncube was to be held on Saturday in Chivi district. In a statement, the party said: “There can be no further confirmation that our beloved country is degenerating into a police state.” A Chivi police officer named Mawadza also told the MDC-N provincial chairperson, Sibusisiwe Tamirepi, that ZANU PF was the only party in Zim.

The law in Zimbabwe requires that police be notified of any public events, but the Mugabe regime and ZANU PF have made unilateral decisions to ban all public events organized by the MDC formations and civic groups, while ZANU PF continue to hold theirs, complete with police escorts.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme received reports from Lusulu ward in Binga, where the MDC-T had organized celebrations on Wednesda, for a clinic that now has electricity, after being ignored since independence.

“They can now store important medicines in a refrigerator and have patients stay overnight,” Saungweme said. But the police forced Binga district Councillor Temba Toonse Kunjulu, who was involved with the electrification project, to cancel the event insisting it was an MDC meeting.

“It’s shocking because the clinic serves the whole community and ZANU PF councilors from Binga were also invited. The area is an MDC stronghold so ZANU PF did not want them to get credit for the positive development,” Saungeme explained.

We were unable to get the police or the MDC-N for comment. – SW Radio Africa News

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