Police thugs torture activist

Members of the police and Zanu (PF) activists have been accused of torturing a suspected MDC activist, Kenneth Jack, at Inandu Torture Camp, before kicking him off Warswick Farm where he was employed.

The thugs allegedly tortured Jack after holding him hostage at the torture camp for several hours. They accused him of being an MDC official in the Pfungwe rural area.

“The incident happened on November 11 at a Zanu (PF) Inandu militia camp based near Warswick Farm,” said MDC-t Provincial Organiser, Boniface Tagwireyi.

“The captors are identified members of the police constabulary deployed to provide security at Warswick Farm. They abducted the victim and put him under painful interrogations. They ordered him to crawl on the ground while beating him up with sticks and different types of objects on the back. He sustained bruises and injuries on affected body parts. The ordeal took several hours and he was later forced off the farm without his wages. The thugs dumped him at Casino Growth Point, a few kilometres from the farm.”

A report was made at Marondera Central Law and Order Section and arrests are yet to be made.

“Jack told Police Inspector, Pawusiri of the Law and Order Section that he could positively identify his captors as one of them was popularly known as Evans. They are uniformed police officers stationed at Warswick Farm. Pawusiri reportedly ordered Jack to alter his statements as ‘some of the accusations were not favourable,” said a police source at the station.

Tagwireyi said that, as MDC, they would continue to approach the police and ensure that the perpetrators of violence are held to account.

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