Police try to force one-man protestor to eat ‘Mugabe faeces’

The spokesman for the splinter MDC-99 formation was finally released from police custody on Thursday after being arrested Monday for staging a one-man demonstration at the Munhumutapa offices in central Harare.

Aaron Muzungu told SW Radio Africa he went to the offices which house Robert Mugabe, holding up his placard written “Mugabe and his GNU must go”. He said he was almost immediately apprehended by a number of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents and members of the police support unit.

Mazungu said they took him behind the Munhumutapa building and started torturing him there. Once they got him into police custody he said they brought a glass of urine and some faeces and said: “These faeces are Mugabe’s faeces, so if you want to rule this country you have to eat Mugabe’s faeces.”

Although Mazungu said he managed to avoid eating the faeces he said he had no choice but to take ‘one or two gulps of urine.” Asked why he felt motivated to demonstrate against Mugabe, Mazungu said: “We need Mugabe to understand our true feelings cause it seems he is very much confused and is too old to run this country.”

Mazungu said because he demonstrated alone the police struggled for days to come up with charges against him. He said repressive legislation which was in place, like POSA, mainly dealt with groups of more than 5 people and since he was alone, ‘they failed to get a charge that would suit my activities.”

Police later charged Mazungu with ‘disorderly conduct.” – SW Radio Africa

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