Residents continue to suffer as load shedding persists

Bulawayo residents have expressed dismay over the increase in the already rampant load shedding by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA). Residents said that it is common knowledge that load shedding will not be done away with anytime soon as the power utility, ZESA, has announced in the public media that load shedding will not cease.

The power utility officials have said that the collapse of some of the electricity generating equipment at Hwange Power Station and the fact that the Bulawayo Thermal Station is not operational mean that the electricity available is not sufficient to sustain the nation. In response to this residents have asserted that the power utility should not give excuses for its failure to maintain equipment. Part of the responsibility of the parastatal is to ensure smooth running of all its equipment and its failures should not belabor the residents.

Commuters bemoan police corruption

Commuter operators plying Luveve road have said they are fed up with corrupt police officers. Initially they had passed complaints about traffic police that always find faults but require bribes from the commuter operators. Currently the issue they have is with various departments of the police force as they all require bribes from the commuter operators.

Some commuters witnessed riot police monitoring traffic along Luveve road and soliciting for bribes from public transport operators. The first logical thing that comes into one’s mind is that police have presented themselves with the privilege of unnecessarily soliciting for bribes even where their services are not relevant. Residents have said that by virtue of engaging in such criminal activities the police force does not deserve respect but instead security sector reform should be prioritized.

BPRA activities for the weekend (19 and 20 November 2011)

This weekend, Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) will be holding two training workshops which are penciled in for Ward 25 (Nketa) and ward 18 (Magwegwe). The training in Nketa will be held on Sunday 20 November 2011 at the Early Childhood Pre-School while the one in Magwegwe will be held on Saturday 19 November 2011 at Magwegwe pre-School.

The training workshops are part of the Residents Leadership Development Programme under which residents’ leaders in all of Bulawayo’s 29 wards will be trained in the Urban Council’s Act, the Environment Management Act, Gender and Participatory Budgeting. The two trainings to be held over the coming weekend will cover the Urban Council’s Act and the Environment Management Act.

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