Self-confessed murderer commits suicide

A local Zanu (PF) supporter, Norbert Basopo, who was implicated in the murder of MDC supporter Tedius Chokuda during the 2008 Presidential election, committed suicide last week.

The body of Chokuda, who was a headmaster at a local school was found hanging on the branch of a tree in a suspected political murder during to the run up to the 2008 elections.

Basopo confessed to murdering him with the help of other Zanu (PF) thugs and war veterans who are on the run when he appeared before the traditional court under Chief Nyashanu in Buhera.

The deceased’s relatives demanded 66 head of cattle as compensation.

Sources told The Zimbabwean that Basopo killed himself in Rusape where his uncles had taken him for a ritual cleansing to exorcise him of “evil spirit” believed to have been haunting him.

Basopo’s uncles had taken him to Vapositori vekwaMwazha (An apostolic sect) in Rusape for spiritual healing.

However, after nothing materialized from the cleansing process, Basopo consumed rat poison and died.

“We found his body in a bush in Rusape at an advanced stage of decomposition. We brought the body to Murove here in Buhera for burial,” said John Basopo, brother of the deceased.

By time of his death, Basopo had managed to pay the Chokuda family nine cattle and some roofing materials.

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