Shun greed, one-man rule: Khama

Botswana’s President, Ian Khama, recently called on fellow African leaders to put their citizens’ interests ahead of their personal and political endeavours.

Ian Khama
Ian Khama

“I have always been and will continue to be inspired by the dedication of those who are driven to create a better world for others, and those who invest their time and resources to create a better future for the less privileged,” said Khama, a strong critic of President Robert Mugabe’s populist policies, which have destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and reduced the majority of its people to abject poverty.

He was addressing the Drivers of Change Award ceremony held in Sandton.

He urged SADC leaders to ensure that their countries focused on overcoming poverty, providing an easy climate for innovation, entrepreneurship, a strong work ethic, and an end to corruption.

Referring to leaders who cling to power like Mugabe and slain Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, Khama called on Southern African leaders to clean up their act.

“Self-interest, greed, corruption and one-man rule that goes on for decades purely for personal power and gain are the biggest obstacles to achieving any national or individual development. Genuine democracy should be practised, then we can be much better placed to deliver to the people we are selected to serve,” he said.

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