Social service delivery: deal or no deal?

Miriam Nyaungwa is a 49-year-old widow from the high density suburb of Nyameni in Marondera. Her entire neighbourhood has been without water for three months, with no explanation from the local municipality.

Nyaungwa drew water from her neighbour’s well, along with 20 other people, until the neighbour could no longer meet rising demand. Now, Nyaungwa’s two teenage sons travel two km every morning to fetch water from a public borehole before school. Nyaungwa is one of many residents in Marondera who face a serious shortage of social services. From clean water to a reliable refuse collection service, residents are crying foul that they pay for the services.

Marondera has a population of more than 100 000 people, and over 40 percent of them go without clean water.

A recent community study conducted by the National Association of NGOs in collaboration with some civic organizations in Marondera and the Marondera Municipality itself, discovered that over 95 percent of residents in Marondera are dissatisfied with their local municipality.

Through platforms created by NANGO and its partners, Marondera residents are beginning to openly debate their challenges. Through citizen participation and involvement, residents are now demanding an increase in resource allocation in the municipal budget. – Sencwa News Service

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