Stand in prayer with those who act in faith

We have influence before the throne of God, and the Lord has chosen to co-operate with us, His priests, in whatever we do by faith. Some things the Lord just won't do outside of partnership with His priests. But if we act in faith, He moves. Remember the influence and power you have through your prayers that are offered in faith. And don't grow weary from doing good through prayer.

I encourage the church in South Africa to exercise our faith in prayer, to support those in Zimbabwe who are exercising their faith in actions on the ground.

The Lord has His children on the ground in Zimbabwe and they are doing many courageous things, often in the face of great danger, stress and huge obstacles. Like Abraham "against all odds", they are acting in hope in Him who is unseen, and persevering in faith. They "keep marching" despite the challenges and are climbing mountains in obedience to God's call.

Our Lord's desire if for an army to join in faith through prayer to support them!

Just this week I was in communication with a wonderful man of God whose life has in recent weeks been threatened severely because he stood up for what is right in a specific situation. He now needs bodyguards. He's a seasoned veteran who has faced many challenges in life, but this is a tough one for him because his wife has also been threatened. This man is doing great things for the Kingdom and is in a strategically influential position. He is exercising his faith in action on the ground in Zimbabwe, but God is calling prayer warriors to support this family with faith through prayer.

On another front, there are powerful children of God involved in the "Trumpet Call" initiative for the Church in Zimbabwe to feed the nation – taking practical action in agricultural initiatives to make a difference. This is along with reaching the lost, prayer, renewing passion for the Lord and building unity among Christian groups. These brethren face challenges of many kinds – spiritual, financial, logistical, etc. Again – let's join our faith in prayer to their faith in action!

Pray also for the many righteous ones acting in the sphere of government who are under strain and attack, who are wrestling at the "front of the battle" for the much needed change the nation needs. Let's join our faith in prayer to their faith in action.

We are shaping history through prayers and acting as partners to godly men and women "on the ground" in Zimbabwe. Let's continue!

History belongs to those who pray! – Rob Gerhard, elder of His People Christian Church in Jo’burg

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