Standstill budget for Ruwa

Residents here have been cushioned by their council, who have approved a standstill budget and no rates increases.

“We have taken into consideration the fact that people do not have money and therefore cannot afford an increased budget,” said Phenios Mushayavanhu, the chairperson.

During budget consultative meetings, residents of this small town 20 km east of Harare demanded land from the government for its growing urban population.

The $5 336 417 million budget will go towards water and service delivery and also the pursuit of more land.

“We are going to wage war with government over land.There is a lot lying idle, but the government is not willing to give it to us,” said Mushayavanhu.

Ruwa is surrounded by prime farmland in the hands of resettled farmers or private individuals, who are holding on to it for speculative purposes.

This will not be the first time Ruwa has crossed swords with Government. It is still embroiled in a bitter wrangle with the Ministry of Transport and Communication over the location of a toll gate.

Community litigation seeks to have the gate moved further from the town as its present location splits the town in two and causes great inconvenience to residents.

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