Take orders or else: General

The controversial 3 Infantry Brigade commander, Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba, has warned local villagers that he will deploy soldiers to deal with those who disrespect the authority of local partisan chiefs.

Douglas Nyikayaramba
Douglas Nyikayaramba

Addressing over 30 chiefs and villagers, Nyikayaramba told villagers that they should take orders from the chiefs because they were the custodians of land. He warned that he would not tolerate the disrespect of chiefs by villagers and added that he would unleash ‘his’ soldiers to deal decisively with the culprits.

“I will not fold my hands when my chiefs are being disobeyed. I will rather deploy my army to protect their interests,” said Nyikayaramba.

Zanu (PF) is being accused of using chiefs as a tool for repression.

Political Observers said the move by Nyikayaramba was a ploy to instil fear in villagers ahead of general elections scheduled for next year.

“Nyikayaramba is just trying to buy loyalty from chiefs,” said Reuben Machingauta from the Centre for Democracy in Africa.

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