Too much politicking abroad: ABAZ

Zimbabwe's Ambassadors do too much politicking and not enough for the business sector, Tawanda Gumbo, President of the American Business Association of Zimbabwe, has alleged.

"There is an information gap when it comes to potential business in Zimbabwe," Gumbo told guests at a Cocktail Party in Harare on Monday night.

The party was held to honour eight US businessmen who were in Zimbabwe to hold discussions with businesspeople from all sectors of the economy. They came from the financial services sector, mining and tourism in the US.

"It is very important to talk about trade issues, dissemination of critical business information to the Americans and not just politics all the time," Gumbo said.

In an exclusive interview, Elzie L Higginbottom, President and Chief Executive of Eastlake Management & Development Corporation, said Zimbabwe had to open up more for international investors to be interested in the nation.

"I have been to Zimbabwe about 20 times during the past 10 months, so you can see just how much I appreciate doing business here," Higginbottom said. "There is much potential and I will tell people that when I get back home. Not only does it have a good investment climate, but it uses the US dollar which is very important for us when doing business."

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