Villagers sign petition for PM

Villagers here are planning to petition Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to take action over their harassment by state security agents and war veterans.


Roy Bennett, who is former MDC National Treasurer, left the constituency and moved to neighbouring South Africa citing continued harassment by state security agents and Zanu (PF) militias.

Villagers in Nedziwa and Chakohwa told The Zimbabwean that they were bitter about their continued harassment and wanted something to be done.

"We are tired of being intimidated by soldiers who are forcing us to vote for Zanu (PF). Brigadier Nyikayaramba was here recently and threatened to send soldiers to discipline those who refused to join hands with Zanu (PF). This issue is a cause for concern," said Murambiwa Muusha, a local villager.

MDC Manicaland spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya confirmed that their members were being harassed and forced to buy Zanu (PF) cards and said the JOMIC had not done much to stop the violence.

"We are very disturbed by the continued harassment of our supporters by Zanu (PF) thugs and partisan security forces," said Muchauraya.

Villagers said violence and intimidation was negatively impacting development in the areas as most villagers spent their time hiding from the soldiers and war veterans.

"We have decided to petition the Prime Minister about the issue because there is no development taking place on the ground. We don't want food from donors, but we need peace so that we can work freely for our families," said another villager who declined to be named.

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