What should be done before Mr Ban Ki-moon’s Zim visit?

It is the author’s personal wish that a UN Special Envoy for Zimbabwe be appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations, His Excellency Mr Ban Ki-moon ahead of his reported planned fact-finding visit in February 2012.

Mr Ban Ki-moon
Mr Ban Ki-moon

Such an envoy would help oversee the democratisation process in the country especially as SADC has not yielded much progress via the Joint Monitoring and Implementing Committee as previously thought soon after the Sandton summit.

The attached Microsoft Excel document is an Appendix to this opinion paper and does not in any way try to represent the views of any political party or organisation in Zimbabwe or elsewhere except by coincidence. The paper does not seek to promote hatred at all but dialogue and of-course action by the Harare regime in redressing the crisis in the country.

Among various issues, the paper recommends the arrest and prosecution of Jabulani Sibanda, a self-styled war veteran who had reportedly called for the stoning to death of a prominent Zimbabwean politician because the politician spoke out in defence of gay rights. Furthermore, Sibanda is allegedly terrorising people in Masvingo and other parts of the country and threatening them for their political views.

The paper is intended to contribute to an intellectual and certainly practical debate on nation building by focusing on specific issues considered by the writer to be outstanding and critical in creating an ideal environment ahead of Mr Ban Ki-moon’s visit.

In other words, if true, the Secretary General’s proposed visit should be a golden opportunity for getting the Harare regime implement reforms some of which it has been sitting on since 2009. By no means are the suggested tasks, persons responsible, durations and milestones an intention to undermine the authority of the persons or office holders mentioned in this “Case Study” or those holding public office in Zimbabwe or other countries.

The fact that one can identify so many issues that need urgent attention shows that probably it is pre-mature for a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe by the Secretary General of the United Nations before reforms and genuine commitments on human rights, the rule of law and democracy are made.

At least my grand-children will not blame me for not doing anything about the Zimbabwe crisis. Clifford Chitupa Mashiri, Former Diplomat, London, [email protected]

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