Zanu (PF) dupes voters

Zanu (PF) is making desperate attempts to regain lost ground in the populous Mbare township where the MDC-T dominates.

Webster Shamu
Webster Shamu

The latest ploy by Robert Mugabe’s beleaguered party involves wild promises to Mbare residents that they will be exempted from paying municipal rates and electricity charges if they support the party.

Party commissar Webster Shamu called a meeting at Stodart Hall recently to assist local community soccer teams and address the issue of Zesa bills and municipal charges.

“Shamu even brought along the famous soccer star Duduza. Local people rushed to Stodart Hall hoping to get the soccer kits that had been promised. We were very surprised when Shamu turned it into a Zanu (PF) campaign rally, attacking the MDC-T,” said a local resident who attended the meeting.

Another source said Zanu (PF) officials were urging people not to pay their municipal bills, but instead bring them to the party so that they could be cancelled or have the figures reduced.

“Zanu (PF) officials were telling people that they would have their bills cancelled if they attended Shamu’s meeting. This never happened,” the householder said.

Shamu is said to have donated just four soccer balls after a dose of propaganda that left many baffled. The Minister could not be contacted for comment. However, he has recently been accused of bankrolling the Zanu (PF) militia outfit Chipangano, which has unleashed massive violence against the local population.

Sources said Zanu (PF) was struggling to set up structures in Mbare, which has become an MDC-T stronghold.

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