ZANU PF planning ahead for next election

Plans to rig the next elections in Zimbabwe are said to be underway, with accusations that ZANU PF is secretly removing known MDC-T supporters from the voters roll.


Sources who spoke to SW Radio Africa, but who refused to be named for fear of victimisation, have claimed that chiefs in the rural areas are being coerced into supplying the names of known opposition supporters.

The lists being drawn up from this exercise are being forwarded to the Registrar General’s office, who are in turn removing the MDC-T supporters from the voters roll. The Registrar General’s office is still run by Tobaiwa Mudede, a card carrying member of ZANU PF who has in the past presided over many disputed elections.

MDC-T National Executive member Charlton Hwende was a guest on our Behind the Headlines programme and told us the strategy to remove their members from the voters roll would not work because they were already demanding a new roll. He said they would not participate in any election that did not use a ‘credible’ voter’s roll and that Mudede was wasting his time if he was removing anyone.

“As a party our position is very clear. If the issues that we have identified that enable us to go into a free and fair election are not solved we are not going to participate. I think that the President (Tsvangirai) has made that very clear on numerous occasions.” Hwende also confirmed that several of their members in Kariba had been removed from the voters roll, for no apparent reason.

Commenting on growing incidents of violence Hwende said ZANU PF abandoned political violence in the run up to the March 2008 election and because of that they lost the election to the MDC-T. After that defeat he said Mugabe’s party went back to their ‘tried and tested’ method to win back the presidency via “the violent and discredited June 2008 presidential runoff sham.”

Hwende said because of that precedent it was unlikely the country could hold free and fair elections. “The building of a war chest by ZANU PF, through the Marange diamonds and its partisan asset stripping indigenisation policy, which is a euphemism for the ‘Zanufication’ of the economy, are clear signs the next polls will be extremely violent and bloody,” he said.

Meanwhile the Sunday Times newspaper in South Africa is reporting that Mugabe is appealing to China and Russia for protection should a future disputed election in the country be taken to the United Nations (UN) Security Council for intervention.

The paper said that Mugabe had made the appeal for support from China and Russia while on an official visit to Beijing. Mugabe’s fears are said to be drawn from reports that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is lobbying the UN and has also visited several African countries currently sitting in the UN body. – SW Radio Africa News

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