Zanu supporters set up camp in graveyard

A group of Zanu (PF) activists has invaded Granville Cemetery, commonly called Kumbudzi, in order to build houses without city approval.

The gang, led by an employee of the city surveying department, have already erected brick structures, and there is infighting over plots.

“Why should we fight? We are all Zanu (PF), but they want to remove us, we have sunk wells and have been farming on this land for a long time. I am not leaving my field.”

Sources said the leader (name supplied) is eying the Harare South parliamentary seat on a Zanu (PF) ticket and he intends to resettle people on the land which encompasses the graveyard.

“How can they resettle people in a graveyard? It’s unAfrican,” said a council employee who cannot be named. Councillor for the area, Evelyn Jiri, said people would not be allowed to settle there.

“These kids are there on a temporary basis they would never be allowed by council to settle there. My record is clear since 2008 I am not corrupt and do not support them,” said Jiri.

Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi could not be contacted for comment.

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