ZRP scam: warning to travellers

A number of Zimbabwean residents travelling on foreign passports but have Zimbabwe drivers licences and ID’s have been arrested here recently.

A reader reports that residents arriving in the country, having cleared Customs and Immigration proceed to the ZRP office to clear their vehicles. They are asked to produce their travel documents, ID and drivers license. Those who have a foreign passport are told they are under arrest and will appear in court the following day. On asking which Chapter of the Codification Act is being violated, the police officers request a hefty bribe, and then let the people go.

The reader investigated these allegations and was informed by CID headquarters that there is no such law.

In the national interest The Zimbabwean is assisting with an investigation and we urge any readers who might have experienced a similar scam to contact us with details, including the day and time you came through the border, whether it was uniformed or plain-clothed police that harassed you, and the full amount paid in bribes.

With school holidays starting next week, many people will be travelling and we hope to expose the perpetrators before it gets completely out of hand. – All information will be kept confidential. Pse sms 0027 795709663, or email: [email protected]

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