10m trees by 2012

Zimbabwe will, in 2012, plant 10 million trees to avoid continued threats of desertification, said Environment minister Francis Nhema.

Francis Nhema
Francis Nhema

Last year the country planted about half of next year’s target. The minister’s words come at a time when environmentalists have warned that the country risks plunging into deforestation in 50 years’ time.

Minister Nhema, who was speaking at a tree planting ceremony at a local school, urged all stakeholders and citizens to rally behind the cause.

“We want this nation to be one of the most abiding nations across the globe in terms of preserving our environment,” he said. “To that regard, the target of 10m trees we have set should be a challenge for all. It’s now time we go ahead of possible effects of desertification and curb such a potential disaster.”

Zimbabwe is losing nearly 312 000 hectares of land and more than 30 million trees annually due to the unsustainable use of natural resources.

Environmentalists say the passing into law of promulgated regulations such as the Tobacco Wood Energy Regulations, Plantation Timber Industry Regulations and Firewood Trading and Movement of Timber Regulations will assist in reducing rates of de-forestation in the country. 500 000 trees are expected to be planted during the first week of December.

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