Convicted of sin

Psalm 142 is a picture of a soul under a deep sense of sin. This is a prayer of David’s when he was in a cave. If he had prayed half as much when he was in the palace as he did when he was in the cave, things would have been better for him.

God has provided the great atonement.
God has provided the great atonement.

As King David, he fell into temptation and committed that great crime that stained his whole character. Had he been looking up to heaven and communing with God, he might never have fallen into this sin.

A little while ago, perhaps you were out in the open fields of the world, sinning nonchalantly, plucking those flowers that grow in poisoned valleys and enjoying their deadly perfumes. You were as happy as your sinful heart could be. However, it pleased God to capture you! You have been arrested by Christ and put in prison. You are behind bars. You feel like one who has come out of bright sunshine into a dark musty cavern, where there is no comfort, and where there appears to be no hope of escape.

This Psalm is for you and me as much as it was for David. Cry out to God. (Psalm 142:1) Be assured that God is ready to pardon. He has provided the great Atonement through which He can justly forgive the greatest of offences; the Lord Jesus Christ-the Lamb of God. Get on your knees, you who feel guilty. If the dark gloom of your iniquities is gathering around you, cry to God. He will hear you.

Pour out your heart. Make a full confession. (Psalm 142:2) The human heart longs to express itself. An unuttered grief will lie and smoulder in the soul until the black smoke blinds the very eyes of spirit. Tell Him how you have sinned and that you cannot save yourself. Speak to a trusted brother or sister in Christ if you must. It helps to share sometimes. “Who so ever confesses and forsakes his sins shall have mercy. (Proverb 28:13)

Acknowledge that God is your only hope. (Psalm 142:4) Perhaps you have been trying to be saved through good works. They are altogether worthless. Here, in Christ Jesus, who is the atoning sacrifice for sin, is the only hope. Lay hold of it. Lay hold of Him! In the cave of your doubts and fears make God in Christ your sole confidence, and you will have perfect peace.

Plead with God to set you free. (Psalm 142:7) Ask Him to bring your soul out of prison so that you may praise His name. If you are in that cave of conviction there is a hand that can cut those bars of iron; there is a hand that can open your cage and set you free. You may walk in freedom through Jesus Christ, the Saviour. Only trust Him.

If you are in that cave of conviction and under a sense of sin heed these words. God gives you free grace and dying love in the cross of Jesus Christ our resurrected and glorious Saviour. – Inspired from the works of Charles Spurgeon

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