Give PM his dues: APC

Zimbabwe’s security chiefs have been blasted for their continued refusal to recognise the authority of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

The admonition came from the African Peace Council, an organ that is responsible for enforcing AU decisions. The council compiles monthly reports on the analysis of African countries.

Security chiefs, including Constantine Chiwenga (Commander Defence Forces), Perence Shiri (Airforce Commander), Augustine Chihuri (Police Commissioner General), Phillip Sibanda (Commander Zimbabwe National Army)and Paradzai Zimondi (Commander Zimbabwe Prisons) have continued to refuse to recognize the authority of PM Tsvangirai.

In its report on Zimbabwe for the month of November 2011, the group cites the continued resistance by the security chiefs to recognize the authority of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai because he has no liberation war credentials.

“This highlights serious mistrust between the GNU partners. The political buy-in for the new dispensation is not widespread. Hardliners in the Zanu (PF) establishment would not be dismayed if the inclusive government failed,” noted the report. “State institutions have suffered significant attrition and are now effectively politicized beyond the point where they can functionally address the country’s key social, economic and political challenge.”

The report says the simmering troubles provide a platform for AU and SADC initiatives to address the land reform question and advance issues of national healing and reconciliation with reference to the AU policy framework on Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development.

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