Global Roundup

Noriega home

Panama’s former dictator Manuel Noriega is back behind bars in his homeland after being extradited from France. The 77-year-old was shielded from the view of reporters who crammed into the prison. He has been convicted of kidnapping and murder of a political rival in 1985.

Boy returned

A 14-year-old boy abducted by suspected Islamic militants in The Philippines in July has been freed. Kevin Lunsmann, was reunited with his mother in Manila on Monday. He escaped last week while his guards slept.

More tanker attacks

Armed militants on motorcycles ambushed and ignited a convoy of oil tankers contracted to NATO forces bound for Afghanistan on Sunday night. One of the drivers was killed. Last week more than 20 tankers suffered a similar fate in a different attack.

Kabila wins

President Joseph Kabila has been declared the winner on last month’s elections. The delayed result was announced on Friday. He received 48.9 per cent of the votes. Main rival Etienne Tshisekedi said the opposition did not accept the result amid claims of ballot stuffing and manipulated voter lists.

Kyoto extended

An agreement aimed at extending the Kyoto Protocol in a bid to tackle carbon emissions was reached at an international climate change convention in Durban, South Africa, last weekend. The treaty, ratified by 37 countries, was set to expire in 2012.

‘Occupy’ disturbance

So-called occupy protesters again shut down one of America’s main ports on Monday after a day of protests in cities across the US. California’s Oakland port had to be closed for worker safety. About 20 people were arrested at a protest in Houston.

Step closer

Burmese pro-democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi is one step closer to returning to politics after her National League for Democracy party was granted registration. The ruling junta refused to acknowledge the results on 1990 elections when the pat secured more than 80 percent of votes.

Presidential contender

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has put his hand up to run for president against returning presidential hopeful and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The 45-year-old who has an estimated worth of $18 billion said he is aware he risks jail by opposing Putin.

Syria death toll

The United Nations high commissioner for human rights has increased the estimated death toll of anti-regime activists in Syria to 5,000 people. At least 200 are thought to have died in the last 10 days. Politicians have declared recent elections as an expression of “democracy and free will”.

Mexico shakes

Two people have died and 50 homes damaged after a strong earthquake hit rural Mexico on Saturday. The shake, which registered 6.5 on the Richter Scale, was felt as far as Mexico City – 100 miles away – leaving several areas without power.

$16 million heist

A government bureaucrat in Australia has been charged with fraud after allegedly stealing $16 million of tax-payers money. Investigations last year found he did nothing wrong, but he was detected when he deposited $11 million into his personal account.

PNG strife

Papua New Guinea has been plunged into political crisis after the Supreme Court ordered deposed Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare be returned. Parliament’s speaker refuses to acknowledge him. Since Peter O’Neill took over earlier this year while Somare, 75, underwent heart surgery.

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