Joshua Sacco promoting ZPF violence in Manicaland

A white farmer known to support ZANU PF and its policies has been accused of promoting political violence against the MDC-T in Manicaland, recently financing a group of thugs that severely assaulted elderly villagers.

Joshua Sacco allegedly paid for a lawyer and provided transportation and money for food for a group of ZANU PF thugs, who were in court in Chimanimani on November 9th, according to SW Radio Africa’s contact, Peter.

“The thugs ambushed MDC-T supporters on their way home from a rally at Mutambu bus stop in Ward 7 Cashel Valley. They beat up four victims, including an old man and woman. The case was reported in Chimanimani because the thugs waited near the police station,” Peter explained.

However no arrests were made until the victims told a team from the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) who were in the province. “JOMIC were told the police had not acted and then arrests were made and the case went into the courts,” Peter said.

Our contact described Sacco as a staunch ZANU PF supporter who makes no secret of it in public. “He doesn’t hide it. Different from other people in ZANU PF he says publicly MDC supporters are sellouts who are paid by the British and Americans and should be assaulted,” Peter explained.

In August the MDC-T lodged a police report after Sacco and a group of drunken ZANU PF supporters defaced the party’s logos and slogans at offices in Chimanimani. Although the incident was witnessed by dozens of locals, police made no arrests.

Sacco was elected deputy secretary for production in the ZANU PF youth league in 2009, becoming the first white to hold such a position. In June this year he travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa as part of a ZANU PF propaganda team led by Jonathan Moyo, and made headlines at the SADC summit there.

According to Peter, Sacco was promoted this year to the national executive in the party’s youth league. He is known to have close ties with the ZANU PF provincial governor Mike Madiro and operates with impunity. – SW Radio Africa News

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