Land development clusters

Local authorities across the country have suggested the formation of clusters where resources could be pooled for the implementation of developmental projects.

The idea was discussed at the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe Housing and Community Services Sub-Committee Meeting held at Chipinge Rising Lodge recently.

According to deliberations at the meeting, responsible officials from various local authorities carried out a feasibility study and realised that to deal with current economic constraints, local authorities should form a land development unit which would provide the resources for projects around the country.

“The land development unit would see local authorities grouped into clusters where they could access plant, equipment and expertise for their respective council projects. A board would be formed and a technical unit would be headed by a Chief Executive Officer and supported by engineers, architects and planners. The country would be segmented into regions for administrative purposes,” said an attendee of the meeting.

Those gathered said the move would promote effective models of infrastructure delivery and provide necessary equipment at a considerably lower cost than that offered by private players.

Local authorities have huge backlogs of ambitious developmental projects for their respective areas of responsibility, but lack of the required logistics made it impossible for them to achieve their objectives.

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