MDC-N must change focus, or sink

There have been numerous media reports and opinion pieces emanating from the MDC-Ncube lately, most of which target Morgan Tsvangirai, President of the MDC-T.

Welshman Ncube reportedly told a poorly attended rally in Redcliff a few months ago that the country needs a leader who is educated. Because of his lack of education, Tsvangirai cannot perform miracles to revive the economy, said Ncube. A month or so later, he told a rally in Bulawayo that, according to evidence given by his own officials, Tsvangirai says anything that pleases the western powers. This was in relation to the PM’s stance on homosexuals. Ncube was quoted saying Tsvangirai “even moos if he is with cattle”.

He may have been misquoted by The Herald, but I haven't read of him forcing The Herald to retract that statement.

Perhaps Ncube, a lawyer by profession, should have told his supporters his own opinion on the rights of minority groups such as gays and lesbians. There have been reports that criminalization of gays and lesbians works against the fight against HIV and AIDS. Tsvangirai’s change of heart came about after the revelation of this new knowledge, and should not be blamed as inconsistency.

Ncube himself won the hearts of many Zimbabweans and political observers when he had a change of heart and decided that MDC-N parliamentarians should participate in the election for the speaker of parliament following the nullification of the election of Lovemore Moyo. That was a commendable decision.

But what the public does not know is that it was only reached after I lectured him on the principles of democracy, which require that the parliamentarians be allowed to exercise their choice. Media reports quoting several party officials said they had been instructed to boycott the election. Ncube was first in denial, but when I produced the evidence for him, he acknowledged my advice and said corrective measures were to be taken.

Priscilla Mushonga-Misihairambwi then called a press conference to announce that MDC-N parliamentarians were to be allowed to participate in the speakership elections.

And now Qhubani Moyo, in a sign of desperation, as if to finish Tsvangirai off after his separation from newly married Locadia Tembo, finds it convenient to expose what he finds to be a weakness in Tsvangirai in his opinion piece published in a recent Zimbabwean weekly.

It could be a weakness in Tsvangirai, but depending on the circumstances, it could be strength as well, but that should not be the priority for the National Organizing Secretary of a national political party that is failing to penetrate the electorate in most parts of the country. I understand his role involves mobilizing support and setting up party structures across the country. I advise him to hit the road and visit places such as Muzarabani, Mt. Darwin, Kariba, Chinhoyi and Mutare among others and set up party structures there.

Tsvangirai should not worry about what his opponents say about him. He should be happy that he sets the agenda for Ncube and his officials' presentations at their rallies.

If they are serious about attracting followers, they should rather concentrate on mobilizing support, building their party structures and developing policies that will grow the economy should they win the next elections. Zimbabweans are now fed up with personality politics. Political leaders should never spend time attacking their opponents as it may give the impression that they are scared to face their opponents in an election.

The public are educated enough to judge Tsvangirai for what he is, so for political leaders to spend time feeding the nation with their personal opinion on other political leaders is an insult to the intelligence of Zimbabweans.

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