MDC to hand out maize seed

The MDC will this week distribute one tonne of maize seed as part of efforts to compensate people whose relatives and spouses were murdered as a result of politically motivated violence, the provincial leadership has said.

MDC provincial chairman, Wilstaff Sitemere, on Wednesday said one tonne of maize seed had been set aside for distribution to the province as part of efforts to assist people who were directly or indirectly affected by political violence. Sitemere said the welfare department was working on the final list to enable the affected individuals to receive their allocation.

“We managed to source at least one tonne of maize seed and we have instructed the welfare department to work on the final list so that the intended beneficiaries will receive their allocation without any hassles. We are targeting people whose spouses were murdered as a result of politically motivated violence and we are also looking at

individuals whose houses were burnt in the wake of escalating political mayhem since 2002,” said Sitemere.

He said the move was noble and genuine and it would silence the voices of people who claimed the MDC was against the land reform programme.

“We believe this development indicates that the MDC fully supports productive farming and we also represent the interests of the majority. No single person can claim to champion the land redistribution exercise. All the intended beneficiaries will therefore receive their allocation by the end of this week,” he said.

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