MDC’s new economic blue-print

The MDC-T has released a new economic blue-print which it says could return Zimbabwe to its days of glory.


MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai says the $100 billion blue-print would make Zimbabwe's economy "robust once he takes over power after next year's proposed election".

The MDC-T promises to expand Zimbabwe's economy, pointing out that Zanu (PF)'s rule had brought the economy "to its knees". The blueprint says restoring commercial agriculture is essential to getting the economy back on track, in a nation where 50 percent of the economy used to be based on agriculture.

With the national debt exceeding $7 billion, the scheme calls for stabilising the exchange rate, before reintroducing the Zimbabwe dollar which was dumped by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr Gideon Gono in 2009.

The proposed plan would boost social spending to rebuild the health and educational systems and to combat the spread of diseases, notably AIDS. But the MDC-T says it would also reduce spending by restructuring debt payments and shedding ghost workers.

"Under this new programme, we envision a $100 billion economy by 2030," the blue-print says. "Under that MDC-T government, we expect to achieve 10 percent annual growth rate in a peaceful country underpinned by constitutionalism and the rule of law."

Zimbabwe's economy is growing for the third successive year in 2011 due to positive policies and strong commodity prices after a decade of economic meltdown blamed on President Robert Mugabe's previous government.

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