More farm seizures ahead

At least 200 farms will be seized from white farmers and handed over to Zanu (PF) supporters, according to a report tabled at the party conference last week.

About 4000 white-owned farms have already been occupied – some violently – by supporters of President Robert Mugabe in the controversial land reform programme.

The remaining land now earmarked for seizure makes up the remaining 10 percent of farms previously owned by white Zimbabweans.

The plan is contained in a Central Commitrtee report tabled at the conference which also states that another 223 white farmers are facing prosecution for failing to vacate their land. The government said nearly 55,000 blacks had received their own commercial plots, while the rest had been allocated space on communal land.

War veterans were guaranteed land if they have not yet been allocated it, the party resolved at its 12th annual national people's conference that ended in Bulawayo on Saturday. The announcement comes amid unconfirmed reports that the majority of

farms taken from white owners have been given to high-ranking party officials, rather than redistributed to poor Zimbabweans.

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