Mozambique: Over 42,000 new voter cards issued

Voter registration brigades issued 42,646 voter cards to citizens in the Mozambican cities of Quelimane, Pemba and Cuamba during the registration period ahead of the mayoral by-election in these three municipalities, scheduled for Wednesday.

The voter registration period ran from 13 October to 1 November. It was primarily intended to allow people who had reached the voting age of 18 since the last general elections, in 2009, to be registered and receive their voter cards.

Anyone who had not registered in previous years, for whatever reason, was also invited to register. People who had lost or damaged their voter cards could also replace them during this period, and anyone who had moved into the three municipalities could transfer their registration.

According to the figures provided by the Electoral Administration Technical Secretariat (STAE) to AIM on Monday, the full registration figures are as follows:


New voters: 10,052

Cards reissued: 11,176

Transfers: 4,107

Total registered electorate: 134,545


New voters: 6,491

Cards reissued: 4,733

Transfers: 702

Total registered electorate: 88,011


New voters: 2,065

Cards reissued: 3,101

Transfers: 219

Total registered electorate: 45,898

The total registered electorate is the sum of those who were registered in 2009 plus those who have registered now. The register is inevitably inaccurate because STAE has been unable to remove the names of voters who have died since 2009.

This is a longstanding headache for Mozambican electoral statistics. The bodies that are responsible for registering deaths have never forwarded this information on to STAE, although it is supposed to be part of their duties.

As a result the registers always contain more names than the real number of registered voters.

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