Ncube charges Mugabe to debate

MDC-N leader Welshman Ncube has challenged President Robert Mugabe to a national debate to prove that the president is not a hanger-on the GNU chariot.

Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

Ncube, who will challenge the incumbent if he stands in the 2012 presidential election, said he was ready to take Mugabe head-on in a debate and prove that the Mugabe is ignorant of basic economics.

Mugabe, who holds a ream of university qualifications and a degree in economics, has little to show for his education in the economic record of the country for the past 31 years. Zimbabwe’s per capita GDP has plummeted in relation to its neighbours in the past few decades.

"If Mugabe wants a public debate, I can engage him anytime, anywhere, on any platform, on any issue and at any level," Ncube said.

Mugabe, at his party’s Central Committee last week, attacked the GNU and Ncube. He said Ncube was not qualified to be principal in the GNU because he wasn't voted in by anyone.

"It’s a joyride some people are having on this chariot called the global political agreement," Mugabe told a meeting of his Zanu (PF) Central Committee on Thursday.

"They have not been chosen by anyone. After Christmas surely they should not be allowed to have another Christmas." Mugabe recently said: "I don’t know who could have managed this economy better than I did."

His remarks came as the country was emerging from the worst economic crisis it has ever faced. All economic indicators — inflation, interest rates, and the exchange rate as well as unemployment and poverty levels — were at an all-time high before the GNU was consummated in 2009.

Ncube said it was ironic that a leader who spent years hawking failed economic programmes and unworkable policies had the cheek to accuse other people of ignorance. He dismissed claims that the MDC was a front for imperialist forces, saying that was dishonest propaganda which was now collapsing on its own.

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