Netherlands urges dialogue

Dialogue and cordial engagement with the West is the only way Zanu (PF) can deal with the so-called ‘sanctions’ affecting the party’s inner circle, Netherlands Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Barbara Joziasse, said.

The party has lately been vilifying the MDC formations, saying it will not budge any further on the sticking points outlined in the Global Political Agreement until the restrictive measures on its leadership are removed. However, Ambassador Joziasse, told The Zimbabwean that dialogue between the party and the West was the only way to resolve the issue.

“Putting conditions on anyone for a matter that requires dialogue is not the best thing to do,” she said. “The West is always prepared to engage with anyone.”

Joziasse also highlighted that her country was particularly interested in seeing the success of Zimbabwe.

“This year alone Netherlands spent $22m on Zimbabwe and it shows that we as a nation are prepared to see the country prosper. Dialogue is what is needed to deal with the issue of restrictive measures,” she said.

The MDC and other EU countries have urged Zanu (PF) to first correct the bad human rights record which made the restrictive measures necessary, before calling for their removal.

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