No reforms, no elections: MDC-T

MDC-T Deputy National Chairman Morgan Komichi said it was impossible to hold free and fair elections without security sector reforms.

Komichi, who was presenting a paper here entitled ‘2011 In Retrospect from an MDC-T Perspective’, said Zimbabwe’s quality of life had worsened under the inclusive government.

“The history we have is that state security agents have been beating, abducting and torturing MDC supporters. These people are Zanu (PF) devotees and how are they going to allow a democratic process considering their allegiance to the party?” Komichi asked.

Komichi also reiterated that the respect and allegiance President Robert Mugabe enjoyed from the military junta must be accorded to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

“These army generals are simply civil servants and they have to respect whoever holds the highest office. If Tsvangirai is the Prime Minister of this country, accord him the respect he deserves.”

Zanu (PF) says state security agents are above reproach. Army generals have made treasonous statements about Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and have been allowed to go scot free.

He said Zimbabwe was on the verge of witnessing a change of government as evidenced by the current scenario where Mugabe sits on the negotiating table with his nemesis.

“When a dictator comes to the negotiation table with peace loving people the result is that the dictator is pushed out,” he said.

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