Partnerships to revive agriculture

The corporate sector must form partnerships with small scale farmers in order to revive the country’s collapsed agricultural sector, a representative of a local NGO said last week.

Addressing a contract farming meeting attended by small scale farmers, seed houses and private companies on November 25, project co-ordinator for Revive Agriculture, Chris Maddock, said small holder farmers did not have the financial resources to enhance agricultural production.

Maddock said support of agriculture from the fiscus has not been adequate to finance the massive capital outlay required in light of changes from the land reform programme.

He went on to say that it was important that the inclusive government recognized the private sector as a strategic partner.

“The corporate sector can augment government efforts by supporting the production of export crops, which earns the country foreign currency as well as providing farmers with relevant skills,” he said.

Maddock said the participation of the private sector in agriculture would not only reduce pressure on the already burdened fiscus, but introduce critical technical support, efficiency and expertise.

“The government should allow the new farmers to partner with the private sector to grow export crops that will help the country generate much needed foreign currency,” he said.

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