Police raid squatter camp

Twenty homeless people residing at Chimombe squatter camp in Mount Pleasant were detained at Marlborough Police Station after the police launched a late night offensive in the area.

The homeless people affected by the police raid.
The homeless people affected by the police raid.

The men were seized from their shacks at late during the night as part of an operation which the police launched targeting criminals in the area according to a statement from the police officers based at the Police station.

However the men were later released after a refugee Pastor from the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) Josphat Nkanka pleaded with the police officers to release the “destitute men” since some were members of his church whom he had organized a “Christmas “party at the Community Life Church.

So dramatic was their release as they were whisked off to the church in a Commuter omnibus that was hired by the pastor and welcomed by others amid pomp and fanfare.

The release that was witnessed by this reporter succeed after the pastor pleaded with the officers to release the men since he had organized a party for them.

According to one of the men, the police pounced at his shack whilst he was asleep and force marched him to their truck together with scores of other men.

“They came at night and took me from my shack were I stay with my wife. I was accused of being criminal robbing houses in Mount Pleasant. Is it a crime to be homeless and poor in this country? I thank Pastor Josphat for rescuing us and glad for the party and the clothes that he gave us,” said Mavhuto Benson (44).

Another destitute William gapara also thanked the pastor for his intervention and said:

“We were going to spend the whole weekend in the cells if the pastor had not intervened. I am very poor and struggling to feed myself but the police come to arrest us for that. Life is not fair at times. We were locked up and beaten for o reason. However I’m very grateful to be free and thank the pastor,” he said.

At the party scores of children and women also joined and they enjoyed the food that was being served. Later on they were handed over clothes that had been sourced from the church members.

“I believe in the power of god. I prayed for the release of the men and that happened as a result of the glory of god,” said Pastor Nkanka.

Police Spokesperson for Harare Province James Sabau said:

“I haven’t heard anything like that and will check with the police station,” he said but he wasn’t available to comment again.

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