Quote out of context: Dudu

Afro jazz singer/songwriter, Dudu Manhenga, said she was quoted out of context when she claimed musicians could not pay their bills with the whistles and ululations they received when performing.

The 30-year-old diva, who is also active in music rights and anti-piracy issues, was quoted last week as saying that her music was not for the poor and that she was against her music being sold in the high density suburbs. These allegations were levelled against her during the arts stakeholders’ forum discussing the pricing, marketing, contracts and production of Zimbabwean music at the Book Café in Harare.

She allegedly made the remarks in the context of a conversation with Reason Zinyama, a Mbare Traders Association representative who had said that original CDs were too expensive given that they were produced for 35c. Manhenga responded to this by saying that a lot of work went in to the making of an album.

In a statement posted on her Facebook wall on Thursday, Manhenga cleared the air with her fans, saying that she had been quoted out context.

“I think you all know that if anything is said and the context is not referred to – it often comes out wrong. I am not really worried about the doubt that has been set around my brand, but more of the disservice that has been done to the arts by endorsing piracy which artists have been trying to curb.”

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