Raradza denies MDC members to gain from the local projects

This story depicts how Zanu-PF intimidates MDC members as a way of coercing them into rejoining Zanu-PF. Speaking at a Zanu-PF meeting held at Muzarabani South, Mashonaland Central province, Member of Parliament Edward Raradza states that for MDC members to gain from the local projects they have to 'come back' to Zanu-PF.

The clip begins with the MP assuring people in the meeting that Zanu-PF will be untouchable come the referendum voting. He also raises the threat of the youth militia and war veterans.He also warns the Headman not to allow the MDC to hold meetings in that area and that people should not be told about MDC nor should they listen to it.

The MP goes on to use biblical examples to defend the Zanu-PF strategy of violence. He outlines a biblical quote that when people refused to repent they died and were buried on the spot. This analogy is designed to warn those who are refusing to leave MDC for Zanu-PF that consequences will follow.Ending the story the MP remarks that even Jesus beat the people in the temple and that, therefore, they are not the first ones to do so. This statement is a confirmation that Zanu-PF is unleashing politically driven violence across Zimbabwe.

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