Speech by the ZAPU national council of elders chairperson, elder Lloyd Nyakabangwe

We, the elders and founders of Zapu, are happy today that our party, the father and mother of all politics in the country, has lived to see this day. We are happy again that the party has held a fully-fledged, successful congress to recharge itself to once more lead the people of Zimbabwe to demand and win true democracy and freedom for all the people of Zimbabwe.

We founded Zapu, kept it going during the liberation struggle, shepherded it during the bad times between 1980 and 1987, and kept it alive in the belly of the beast for 22 years. Zapu is a phenomenon that will never die. We are happy as your elders that we played our part in the revival of Zapu by guiding the leadership and the younger generations to successfully revive the party. We remain available to continue playing that role. Zapu belongs to the young people, whose destiny is at stake.

Our role is to guide, advise and mediate, and where absolutely necessary, discipline offending members of the party. We want Zapu to live forever. That can only happen if people are disciplined, loyal, accommodative, united and patriotic.

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