UK to review restrictions

Britain will next year February review the restrictive measures imposed on senior Zanu (PF) politicians and their businesses, according to the newly-appointed British Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Speaking during a press briefing in Bulawayo this week, Deborah Bronnert said the targeted measures would only be removed when the government had fully implemented the Global Political Agreement.

“Britain and the EU will review the restrictive measures in February next year. We want to see progress in the implementation of the GPA before we lift the measures,” said Bronnert.

The Ambassador denied Zanu (PF) claims that the targeted measures were affecting ordinary Zimbabweans.

“Only a small number of companies and businesses are not allowed to do business with the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union. In fact, trade figures between London and Harare have grown by 85 percent” she said.

The Ambassador also reiterated that her country did not support the land reform programme because of its chaotic and partisan nature.

“It was absolutely clear that there was need for land reform. The distribution of the land was not fair. The land was not distributed to ordinary Zimbabwean,” said Bronnert.

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